Wellness for You and your Child with Autism Tue 19th November 7.30pm in Drogheda ABACAS Hall

Nutritionist – Ciara Ryan

Ciara Ryan is a Nutritional therapist based in Drogheda who is passionate about the power of nutritional therapy in helping with both prevention of illness and supporting the body through times of sickness and ill health. She works with private and corporate clients to educate, empower and to improve their health and lifestyle through evidence based nutrition. Ciara will give tips regarding optimising nutrition for special needs children and will also give care-givers a few tips to take home themselves. www.ciararyannutrition.com

Note: If you have any specific questions for Ciara regarding your child’s nutrition, please email ahead to info@autismsupportlouth.com so we can ask her to address this topic in her talk.


Empowerment Specialist - Nicola Connolly-Byrne

Nicola Connolly–Byrne, Empowerment Specialist and founder of “I AM POSITIVE MINDSET” is passionate about empowerment, boundary setting, boosting self-esteem and teaching people to be comfortable saying NO! You won’t want to miss her! www.iampositivemindset.ie

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