Free Ipad training - Open Spectrum Group, Taney Parish Hall, Dundrum.

Free-ipad training on

Saturday 8th march from 10.00 - 5.00pm in the Open Spectrum Group, Taney Parish Hall, Dundrum.

This course is particularly suitable for parents, carers, teachers or snas for children with special needs but would be suitable for anyone requiring an introductory course into using an ipad.

 Topics to be covered include :

  • Ipad controls
  • Using the internet on the ipad
  • Built in ipad apps
  • Email on the ipad
  • The App Store
  • Security and Privacy
  • Managing Photos and Videos
  • Icloud on the ipad

 This course is provided under the Benefit IIII programme.

 If you are interested in attending this course click here or by emailing

 Note it is not necessary to have your ipad with you but the course will be much more beneficial if you can.