We are a TY Mini Company and our vision is to create a social enterprise that will provide a local and national bank of Storyboards for all businesses and amenities freely available to people with autism or communication difficulties.

Storyboards are learning tools used to help people with autism deal with anxiety in everyday life.  They list out the exact steps that are taken when performing everyday tasks or going to new places eg going to the barbers.

10% of Storyboard's Profits are donated to The Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism

Please click on the logos below to download the Storyboard for yourself !


    abacas logo       drogheda grammar storyboard school autismdrogheda grinds academy storyboard autism



     southgate barbers logo         arc cinema storyboard autism sensory screening            drogheda leisure park storyboard autism sensory room sensory partyeast meath united



HSE lourdes hospital childrens ward

Lourdes Hospital Childrens Ward


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