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Drogheda ABACAS School

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Drogheda ABACAS Special School for Children with Autism and Complex Needs was founded by a group of Parents from Autism Support Louth&Meath in 2003. Drogheda ABACAS School delivers a specialist autism specific individualised education to 30 children with Autism and Complex Needs aged between 3 and 18 following the National Curriculum using a variety of evidence based methods including ABA, PECS, TEACCH and Floortime to amongst many others depending on the needs of each student.

Drogheda ABACAS supports the principles of:

  • Inclusiveness – particularly with reference to the enrolment of children with a disability or other special educational need
  • Equality – of access and participation in the school
  • Parental Choice – in relation to enrolment and involvement in the school and
  • Respect of Diversity – of values, beliefs, traditions and languages

The Latest School News and Announcements are available here.

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