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Autism Louth & Meath also operates as a social enterprise which supplies evidence-based, free or reasonably priced, applied training courses or information talks to parents and professionals delivered by experienced qualified personnel.

We utilize our expertise and experience we have built up to deliver a suite of training courses covering topics from Challenging Behaviour to Social Skills to Developing Communication to Apps for Autism.

Through Drogheda ABACAS School we have built up a network of expertise in Autism and Special Needs. As part of our range of high quality services, we provide training and consultancy to professionals, parents and carers to help children and young people with autism to learn, thrive and achieve. We also regularly get requests for training from both parents and people working in the special needs area.

From this and also from extensive discussions with our parent support group and also our network of 13 schools around Ireland we have built a range of short training courses which can be delivered from the local centre of expertise by appropriately qualified personnel.

Our courses are mainly behavioural as our staff are qualified Behaviour Analysts but we will also have guest speakers and trainers from time to time. Our courses have been developed based on our experience within the Drogheda ABACAS School for children with Autism and also in response to the requests we receive.

Upcoming Learning & Training

Eg Information Talk on Benefits and Entitlements March 13th

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