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Results of survey - activites wanted

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Recently we carried out a survey to try and inform future planning for Autism Support Louth&Meath activities.

Please find the results of the survey here

There were 94 responses to the survey with responses from all age groups but most from parents of children aged between 7 and 12 with 48% and 25% relating to children aged 13 to 17.    The responses were exactly 50% from Louth and 50% from Meath !! which is actually fairly representative of the participants in any of our activities.

People were generally willing to travel up to 20km for activities.  All evenings were regarded as acceptable and the most preferred times were 5-6 and 6 -7.

We were asking parents what activities their children would like to participate in so that we could try to meet some of this need.

There was a strong interest in Multi sports sessions, fun fitness and also swimming.   Football, Karate, Gaming and Art and Craft also showed a big interest.

Other suggestions from parents included Cooking, Music, Zumba, Soft Play Centres and many others.

38% preferred an Autism specific group, 24% preferred a Mixed Group and 38% didn't mind.

We also asked whether there was an interest in some other activities.  There was strong interest in a Girls only group.    We had also asked about parent support groups and there was strong interest in parent and toddler groups, an evening support group and a morning support group.   We have started trying to meet this need with the monthly Family Sensory Garden Meetups and hopefully inperson support groups soon.   There was also a large interest in sibling support.

We were very pleased with the large response to the survey.  Thank you to all who participated.   There is clearly a lot of need for a wide variety of activities and we hope to continue to meet some of this need as well as expand the activities we offer.


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