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Sensory St @ St Patricks Day Parade

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"Can you show me how to get, how to get to Sensory St ?"

Map and Social Story for Sensory St.

Sensory St is a special area at the St Patricks Day Parade in Drogheda where the noise will be less and there will be no horns or whistles blown.

Dominics St is Sensory Street as marked on the map — The best way to access the Sensory St areas is to park in Mell or on the North side of town and then walk there through Fr Connolly Way  (down the side of the Garda Barracks) then past the New Courthouse and you will then be at the Sensory St area.     This also means that if you need to leave quickly you will be able to leave the area without having to go through lots of crowds.

When the Parade is going through this area the bands will play more softly and the cars and lorries will not blow their horns and the sports teams will not blow their whistles.

To download the Storyboard Social Story please click here

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