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Our infographics provide an overview of the complex processes involved in accessing a variety of social, health and educational resources, making them easier to understand.

Our infographics can help you access and understand valuable information.

The Early Traits of Autism: Highlights some of the early signs and key indicators to watch for.

The Assessment and Diagnosis Process: Provides a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the diagnosis process.

Accessing Pre and Primary School: Highlights essential information and resources to support parents navigating the education system.

Transitioning to Post-Primary School and Transitioning to Adulthood: Transitioning from school to adulthood is a milestone for autistic young people. Our infographic offers practical advice and resources for a smooth transition into post-primary school and beyond.

Getting an Autism Diagnosis as an Adult: Provides an overview of the process involved in accessing a diagnosis as an adult.

 Autism and Women and Girls: Women and girls can be overlooked when it comes to being identified as Autistic. Access our guide to why women and girls get overlooked and how this can impact them.

Long-term Carers Contribution: Provides an overview of the recent changes to the long-term carers contribution scheme, to help carers to understand their entitlements. 


Autism Support Louth& Meath Information Sheet: Provides an overview of what we do here at Autism Support Louth &Meath.


Youth Clubs and Activities: Showcases our various youth clubs and after-school activities. 

We hope that our infographics will help individuals and families make informed decisions and better understand the system and processes involved.

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