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Storyboard was started as a TY minicompany by George O’Carroll and Hugo Collins. Their vision is to create a social enterprise that will provide a local and national bank of Storyboards for all businesses and amenities freely available to people with autism or communication difficulties.

What are Storyboards ? Storyboards or “social stories” are learning tools used to help people with autism deal with anxiety in everyday life. They can also be called visual guides. They list out the exact steps that are taken when performing everyday tasks or going to new places eg going to the barbers.

George is now working with Autism Support Louth&Meath to launch Storyboard as a project for TY classes. We are initially asking TY classes to create a Storyboard for their own school which will be added to the bank of free Storyboards accessible to all here.

It is also an option for TY groups either through the Entrepreneurship module or through Gaisce or Community projects to create more Storyboards relating to businesses and activities in their local area which will then become available to all on this website.

If you are a TY student, teacher or class and would like to find out more about this please contact us on or 087 240 7431 for further information.#

Storyboard Library -click on the image for the full Storyboard!


Autism Support Louth/Meath Youth Clubs:


















Leisure Activities:



















Personal Care:





If you are interested in getting a Storyboard for your organisation please contact us at

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