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Youth Clubs

The weekly youth clubs are run and funded by Autism Support Louth & Meath Parent Support Group.  Our trained staff are paid and this is funded by parent fundraising.  There are also some volunteer staff supporting the Youth Clubs. The Clubs are based in Drogheda ABACAS School Hall. 

The Clubs are completely separate to the school and children do not need to attend ABACAS to attend the clubs. There are different groups depending on age, support needs and mix of group.  There may also be a waiting time.

Saturday 10.30 – 1.00 – High Support Group
This is a combination of two or three high support children with two or three staff.  Generally they will go out in the minibus to the beach or Oldbridge or similar and go for a big walk and go to the playground.

Saturday 10.30 – 12.30 – Red Club
This is a group generally aged between 11 and 16.  The group consists of children who are in secondary school or 6th Class or a unit attached to a secondary school, years 1 - 4.   This group generally play in the hall and the school playground and may go to the shop in small groups.  This group has a low to medium support structure in place.

Saturday 10.30 – 12.30 – Red Club 2
This is a group generally aged between 8 and 12.  The group consists of children who have higher support needs and need a smaller more structured group.  There is one to one support ratio in this group.   This group use the Junior Playground and a dedicated Hall area.

Saturday 1.00 – 3.00  – Green Club

This is a group generally aged between 8 and 13.  The group is quite mixed with some children requiring higher support and some needing more facilitation for games and playing.   This group generally play in the hall and the school playground.   This group has a medium to high support structure in place. 

Saturday 3.15 — 5.15 — Orange Club

This is a teenage group aimed at those attending mainstream school or with good independent skills.  Age group 13 — 18. This club provides an opportunity to meet peers and engage in fun activities both in the club premises and out and about in Drogheda.

Saturday 3.30 – 5.30 – Older Group
This group aged from 18 plus  - most fairly independent but supports there if necessary.

Monday  — 2  Gaming Clubs

There are two groups based on age.   6pm age group 10 — 13 and 7pm age group 14+.    The children play a selection of games in our dedicated Gaming Room on our nintendo switches .  Staff are there to support.

Tuesday 7.00 – 9.00 – Drama, Art and Music Group
This group aged from 16 plus  - Fun community and activity based music, art and drama

Wednesday  — Fitness Friends

We have two Fitness Friends groups on Wednesday afternoons.   These are fun, sensory friendly fitness classes led by Niall from Mini Athletics and supported by our youth club staff.     5.00pm Age group 6 — 10   6.00pm  Age Group 11 — 15

Thursday 7.30 — 8.30  The Quiz
Our older group liked the zoom activities so much this continues on.   One of our group members writes a quiz every week and the topics range from politics, entertainment, films, geography to the Eurovision.   Its a good opportunity for a chat and catch up between saturday meet ups.

If you are interested in finding out more about Youth Club please contact Jacinta on 087 240 7431 or

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